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C L Finance Debt Collection Agency is a debt purchasing/selling company listed in the website of





Name: C L Finance Debt Collection Agency

Address: Kingston House, Centre 27 Business Park, Woodhead Road, BATLEY WF17 9TD
Extra Data: Seem to be associated with GE Money (as a client perhaps) and are part of the Lewis Group (q.v.) which in turn is owned by Cattles.


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C L Finance Debt Collection Agency and the Truth About Your Debt

They will probably ask you for your cellphone number . But it is important that you do not give them your phone number. If you do they may pester you at home and at work at any time of their choosing. They will do this even after you have asked them not to, so you must put it in writing, and send the letter by registered post or recorded delivery to get a signature as proof of service (the problem is that so many operate from PO box numbers so a signature is impossible). Some DPCs will contact the people who live next door to you to ask them about your debt. The worst will tell your children that you are bad because you can't pay your bills or threaten to do so, hoping to scare you and increase their profit margin. All these debt collecting firms are profit driven and so their salesmen know that they have to reach targets. All the things just described are unlawful, but the law does not strain itself to stop this. Dealing with the demands of CL finance debt collection agency can be extremely trying.

Assuming that you are having to deal with CL finance debt collection agency you may be reassured that many of the things they are using to harass you are unlawful. These debt collecting companies or DCAs appear under very little obligation, or so it seems, to do anything to improve their working practices unless they are compelled to do so by some official institution or similar body.

These debt purchasing companies will attempt to destabilise your life and cause untold amounts of anxiety as they know they will profit from doing it. They will use any trick in the book, even if it is unlawful. It is a vicious profit-driven business run by individuals without conscience who are told to meet sales targets at any cost and they will play dirty if they need to. The law does not act here unless it is pushed. If you try to deal with CL finance debt collection agency then you must help yourself if you want to resolve this. Unless the laws are implemented a lot of people will live damaged lives for years.

Uk law doesn't seem to care much when this happens, or so it seems. Many of the debt collection companies that ply their nefarious trade in Britain are owned by overseas companies knowing where to make a fast buck. There are several laws in place regarding CL finance debt collection agency, but the debt purchasing firms manage to operate by breaching the law wherever possible. They stop doing this only on being censured by a body like the FSA or the OFT. And even then the tiny fine they are threatened with is such a small proportion of their earnings that they don't care, and they will treat such punishments with utter contempt.

So ask C L Finance Debt Collection Agency for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.




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