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C L Finance Debt Collectors is a debt purchasing and/or collecting company listed in the website of




Name: C L Finance Debt Collectors
Also Known As: CL Finance Ltd.
Address: Kingston House, Centre 27 Business Park, Woodhead Road, BATLEY, Yorkshire.
Telephone: Possibly 01924 444466 (BUT NEVER TELEPHONE C L FINANCE)
Fax: Not known
Email: Not known
Extra Data: See below.


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C L Finance Debt Collectors and the Truth About Your Debt

The UK legal system seems not to want to notice when this happens, or so it might seem. Many of the debt collection companies that ply their nefarious trade in Britain are owned by foreign investment companies eager to make easy money. There is legislation which is meant to be in place regarding CL finance debt collectors, but for some unfathomable reason these debt purchasing companies manage to trade by flouting the rules as much as they can. They stop doing this only when they are censured by an organisation like the OFT. Even then the small fine they are threatened with is such a small proportion of their proceeds that they don't give a damn, and they will treat such punishments with utter contempt.

Lots of people have noted that the debt companies generally insist on contacting you by telephone. They choose to use the phone rather than communicating in writing. Well the reason is that they would not be able to make the same threats on paper simply because they would not wish to perjure themselves in a permanent foRMAt like a letter.

Debt collecting agencies make a profit from purchasing delinquent accounts from other commercial companies for a fraction of their balance value (around 10 percent or even less) and then try to extract the total balance from you. When dealing with CL finance debt collectors do remember that they make their living by doing this. They will then employ all sorts of methods to get money from you - any kind of money. This often includes scaring folk to the point that they are scared all the time, their marriages decay and their lives become meaningless. All because some greedy people bought details about an unsecured debt and wanted to make money from the misery it caused.

It is true that some debt collecting firms are much worse than the rest. Some debt collectors specialise in sending off thousands of speculative correspondence about hypothetical debt telling people they owe money knowing that they owe nothing at all. This seems to work for these debt collecting agencies for the reason that they're aware that a small percentage of frightened people will always pay them even though they realize they owe nothing to anyone. Some of the debt purchasing firms purchase lists of debtor accounts which are more than six years old to try and profit from these. But this is unlawful. These are Statute Barred debts, they are out of date and they cannot be legally enforced.

So ask C L Finance Debt Collectors for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.




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